Solutions for iPad is Disabled

iPad is disabled is very annoying warning that means the owners cannot use their iPad for particular period of time. It happens because wrong inputting password for six times, and there is no way to retrieve the device availability until doing several processes. There are some tricks and also official procedures that can be performed to regain the access to iPad.

iPad is Disabled

Start-Stop Backup

It is actually the trick people do when their iPad is locked. The requirement is the owners use iTunes service, and it should not be a problem because most users utilize iTunes for various purposes. The method is quite simple. The first is connecting the iPad to PC with iTunes active. There will be options to backup files and just backup the files like usual. When iTunes asks password, answer it correctly and voila the iPad is magically enabled again regardless the users continue or stop the backup process. In addition, procedure against iPad is disabled like this can be done if there is no password prompt. Therefore, it is an excellent start for enabling the disabled iPad.

iCloud help

When users unfortunately do not utilize iTunes service, iCloud can be so helpful. However, it requires working internet connection in the iPad from the beginning. That is to say, it is impossible to use iCloud if the iPad has not been set to connect to internet. The procedure is to go to and log-in. There will be some options to resolve iPad is disabled. Simply erase all data in the iPad it will erase the limitation of access as well. It is also possible to back-up the files before erasing everything.

Recovery Mode for All

The last solution is applicable for those who do not utilize iTunes or iCloud. The procedure is rather complicated. The first thing to prepare is working USB cable connected to PC with iTunes, and off iPad. Once everything is set, it is time to plug-in the USB into the iPad while pressing and holding power and home button at the same time. Restore mode will appear and there is a command in the PC. It is possible to pick restore or update and both options will erase the locking system of the iPad.

Those are all several ways to deal with iPad is disabled. Everything is based on priority order, and it is better to perform from the first step. You can also visit apple support center to learn more about iPad is disabled.

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