iPhone Manual Camera Control

The hardware of iPhone is absolutely amazing for smartphone level. It can be seen from the quality of photograph taken by various kinds of iPhone. However, it is actually not enough especially if the users cannot control the camera completely. Fortunately there is iPhone manual camera control that can be utilized for making photographs even more amazing. The manual control, however, is only available in specific OS version. That is to say, the older version does not offer full manual control over the camera. Before updating the iPhone into the latest version, it is important to consider its recommendation. Otherwise, some iPhone features – other than camera – may not work anymore.

iPhone Manual Camera Control

iPhone Manual Camera Control Tutorial

Manual control of camera is accessible without complicated and intimidating access. That is to say, it is fairly easy to set the camera’s focus, ISO, white balance, and shutter speed without hassle. What should be done is simply by touching the screen. Focusing on iOS 8, manual control can be attained natively in the camera. It is absolutely a good news because there is no need to install third-party application. To control the camera focus, just touch the screen in anywhere focus is intended to. In addition to focus, it is also possible to lock the exposure as well by touching a little bit longer. That is how to iPhone manual camera control.

When it is done, there is also a slider with sun icon that indicates the exposure compensation. Sliding it down means lower exposure, and sliding it up means higher exposure. What is really amazing in controlling camera is the ability to control shutter speed. It is basically a key for a good and artistic photograph. There is already a menu for doing such purpose, and it is an excellent iPhone manual camera control. Using camera control, it is now possible to act like DSLR users in smaller kit.

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