iPhone Manual Backup WhatsApp

In addition to photos, messages from iPhone app such as WhatsApp are really important. Therefore, there is nothing wrong to make sure the message is stored nicely. One way to do that is simply backing up the message. However, the procedure of iPhone manual backup WhatsApp is not available in the manual book. Fortunately, here will be explained the procedure to solve that problem. The main requirement of all is to make sure the user is registered and signed into iCloud. The role of iCloud is really important here because WhatsApp does not offer server for storing messages. The iPhone itself that will store the information, and iCloud is definitely an excellent partner. The option of iCloud is different under different OS. Generally it is under setting and iCloud selection.

iPhone Backup WhatsApp Manually

iPhone Backup WhatsApp

Once the preparation step above is completed, it is time for backing up the messages. Go straight to the WhatsApp setting menu. Under chat menu, there is an option for backing up the message. That is the procedure, and it is seamlessly easy. The procedure may take a bit long depending on the size of the files, and there is no need to panic about that. iPhone manual backup WhatsApp can be automated actually. There is a slider that can be used to toggle between automatic and manual backup. It is recommended to set auto though. The reason is because people easily forget this kind of small thing.

There are some problems causing backup to fail. The first is available space in the iCloud. It is important to check it before backing up. Secondly, iOS version does matter. An updated OS is highly recommended to get the most out of iPhone manual backup WhatsApp. Lastly, it is recommended to sign out and sign in again if problem presets. It can help the iPhone to refresh itself because of data traffic interference.

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