iPhone Backup Contact

Backing up data is really essential for any gadget users because there is no guarantee that it lasts forever. iPhone users are known as busy and serious people having good relations with others. They have a bunch of phone numbers of close friends. Without backing up the contact, it is possible for one to lose all contacts in instant. Therefore, there should be iPhone backup contact made before anything bad happen. There are two servers that can be relied upon for backing up the contacts. They are iTunes and iCloud. Both of them offer different services and it is actually okay to use both.

iPhone Backup Contact

iPhone Backup ContactTo use iCloud, what is needed is to sign in into Apple account. The procedure is quite straightforward as the user only needs to fill in username and password. Hit okay afterwards, and it begins to synchronize everything wanted. Under iCloud menu, there is iPhone backup contacts slider. From this point, it is possible to set whether iPhone should update the contact to the cloud or not. There is also a pop-up prompting whether the data will be overwrite – if there is similar name. Just say yes for it will cause the cloud cluttered with copied contacts.

The next procedure is using iTunes. This application is available for any computer and is good for those who do not have access to iCloud. The procedure is simply by connecting and giving access to computer to access the iPhone and vice versa. After that, in the iTunes menu, select backup now. It will back up everything in the iPhone including the contact. Since the contacts have been stored in computer, they can be recalled as long as there is no major change in the computer such as reinstalling Windows. iPhone backup contact are just great for protecting valuable data that may not be obtained again. Be sure to backup often – at least once in a week.

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