How To Set Up Siri In iOS 9

How to set up Siri in iOS 9 tutorial – Siri is Apple’s voice assistant which allows you to speak commands to your iPad or iPhone and even have it do your bidding. In iOS 9, Siri is smarter. Your personal assistant is now able to do more things like:

  • Search photos by date, location and album titled
  • Search videos stored on your device
  • Set reminders based on location
  • Remind you to read content in Safari, Messages, Mail, and Notes at a later time
  • Offers suggestions for who you might want to contact
  • Offers suggestions for which apps you want to use
  • Helps you find places you may want to visit before you even ask
  • Helps you to get directions to a place and Siri will pull up a route
  • Help you to convert grams to pounds, inches to feet, and any other unit of measurement
  • Help you to get the sports scores simply by typing in the name of the team you want to check on.
  • Helps you to search the App Store

Set up Siri in iOS 9

Set Up Siri In iOS 9

If you wish to setup Siri in iOS 9, there’s a new step you should recognize. Siri works well in iOS 9 devices especially for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as users can use Siri without the device being plugged in. However, for other iOS 9 devices, users will need to plug their device in to use Siri.

When you have upgraded your iPhone or iPad to the iOS 9 then you will find that your Siri is not working. You don’t have to worry about it because Apple turn off Siri feature upon the upgrade. You will only have to take a new additional step to setup Siri on your device. So, here’s the siri guide:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Select General > Siri
  • In the Siri settings, enable the option for Siri
  • Enable the option for Allow “Hey Siri
  • Now you will enter the setup menu for Siri
  • Now it’s time for you to train Siri to recognize your voice. Speak naturally and do it in quiet place. Please note that your device will be listening to this voice from now on.
  • You will be asked to say “Hey Siri” a few times
  • Next you will be asked to say things like “Hey Siri, how’s the weather today?” and “Hey Siri, it’s me.”
  • Once Siri is able to recognize your voice, a check mark will appear on the screen and you will also see the next message
  • That’s it and you are done

How to use Siri

Siri guide – Now you can start using Siri for your daily activities as your smart virtual assistant. Once again, you will need to plug in your device into a power source to use Siri, if your device is older than the iPhone 6s. If you have the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, then you can use Siri anytime you want without have to plug it into a power source.

Now that you have setup Siri on your iPhone or iPad. You can start using your virtual assistant simply by saying “Hey Siri,” followed by the command you want Siri to respond to.

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