How to Connect iPad to TV

Today we will discuss about how to connect iPad to TV. The iPad pro is the biggest and fastest iPad to date. However, such big screen is still not enough, sometimes. Contents such as photography or just-recorded-video cannot be watched together by many people just using iPad solely. They need to be transferred into bigger screen, and the most dependable one is absolutely TV. Since we are talking about Apple product, the TV used is also Apple TV. Other TV models do not have compatibility without series of hacking which is definitely complicated. Therefore, we are not going to delve into such matter. Connect iPad to TV is absolutely easy. Here is the procedure.

Connect iPad to TV

Using HDMI Cable

HDMI cable is excellent connector that can be used for bridging connection between iPad and the TV. It is possible to stream all contents to TV using HDMI cable. Depending on iPad model, the HDMI adapter may be different as well. Therefore, it is better to check first before purchasing. The official cable recommended by Apple typically costs between $30 and $50. However, any cheaper HDMI cable will work. After connected, just set the TV image source from the specific cable. It will mirror the screen of the iPad seamlessly. It is the first procedure to connect iPad to TV.

Using Airplay Wirelessly

The previous method is actually not interesting at all. Even though it is simple, it is costly and it does not allow flexible maneuver for controlling the iPad – because it is stuck with the cable. The first requirement to use Airplay is simply by connecting both TV and iPad at the same Wi-Fi network. Do not worry though since it will not absorb data plan because it uses local connectivity. The setting for mirroring the image is under control center. It can be accessed by swiping up from bottom of the screen. Tapping on Airplay will direct to several devices to stream the media such as TV, speaker, and such. Connect it to everything wanted and it is done. This is the second way to connect iPad to TV.

Both procedure has weakness and benefits. Airplay seems flexible and dependable. However, lags are something common to happen especially if the Wi-Fi traffic is considerably high. Meanwhile, the HDMI cable works best with lesser lag but it does not offer tremendous flexibility. Wireless mirroring, however, is still recommended way to connect iPad to TV though. The reason is simply it is cooler and more practical.

For more options on How to Connect iPad to TV, you can visit apple official site.

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