ARM And TSM To Produce An Apple A12 iPhone 8 Chipset

iPhone 8 Chipset – ARM and TSMC recently announced that they are working on a 7nm FinFET process technology.  The chipset is expected get its mass production in 2018, so we can expect to see it in the iPhone 8. Apple’s newest device, the iPhone SE is powered by 64-bit Apple A9 processor together with the embedded M9 motion co-processor making it the most powerful 4-inch smartphone ever. While Apple’s upcoming handsets, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, which are expected to arrive this September, will have Apple A10 chipsets inside. Chip maker TSMC is rumored to be producing the Apple A10 chipsets.

iPhone 8 Chipset

iPhone 8 Chipset Image

After producing A 10 chip for the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, TSMC is rumored to still use 10nm technology to make Apple A11 chipset which will be used in iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. The production will be performed in 2017. Today the company is working with ARM to produce an Apple A12 chipset for the Apple iPhone 8.

Pete Hutton, executive vice president and president of product groups, ARM said “Existing ARM-based platforms have been shown to deliver an increase of up to 10x in compute density for specific data center workloads,” “Future ARM technology designed specifically for data centers and network infrastructure and optimized for TSMC 7nm FinFET will enable our mutual customers to scale the industry’s lowest-power architecture across all performance points.”

Dr. Cliff Hou, vice president, R&D, TSMC said “TSMC continuously invests in advanced process technology to support our customer’s success,” “With our 7nm FinFET, we have expanded our Process and Ecosystem solutions from mobile to high performance compute. Customers designing their next generation high-performance computing SoCs will benefit from TSMC’s industry-leading 7nm FinFET, which will deliver more performance improvement at the same power or lower power at the same performance as compared to our 10nm FinFET process node. Jointly optimized ARM and TSMC solutions will enable our customers to deliver disruptive, first-to-market products.”

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